Write your custom php code that will have to run in a loop

Using a simple text editor, open the file ./scripts/custom/system/controlLogic.php and develop the php code that must be executed cyclically.

Consider to use the suggested code if you want enable a data sharing using MQTT protocol

Configure the settings

Open the file ./scripts/custom/system/initData.ini and type your settings.

NETWORK section:

MQTT section:


Develop the code for MQTT data (if required)

Open the file ./scripts/custom/io/io_mqttDataUpdate.php and write the set of operations to carry out when a MQTT message is received. Also it's possible to set an output message to send to the broker

Configure the MQTT WebSocket code (if required)

Open the file ./scripts/custom/headers/headers.php and edit the javascript code to customize the WebSocket implementation in your graphical interface, in order to enable a MQTT data sharing between user browser and Php Controller, with a very low latency

Develop the graphical interface

Open the file ./index.php and start to design all the graphics like it's a common web site, using a developing tools or a CMS (like Joomla! or Wordpress for example) if you prefer: only pay attention to integrate the basis code to enable Php Controller